Tuesday, 26 April 2011


Belated Easter wishes to all 19th batch R3 fools. dear R3 fools i just wanna share a small incident which happened yesterday. i went to my college yesterday to collect all my certificates , so i met my H.O.D and asked him, at that time he asked how i am doing and where am i working, so i told him that i went for fulltimership last year and explained him about it, but after listening to me ,he said that you have wasted your precious one year of your life and even he told me these services to god u have to do at your old age not now, at that time i couldn't able to tell anything, but that time i remembered the skit which we played in our final gathering "the life of fulltimer after one year", after that i told my H.O.D definitely god will provide me a better way and i remembered the versus "Jeremiah 29:11". so fools i hope you will also be facing the same situation , but lets hope on our awesome god, definitely he will lead each one us according to his plan.

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