Sunday, 24 April 2011

Easter wormth

dear&very closely associated friends
i wish u a very happy easter in the fine morning. As the due fall over the flowers and blossems.ther's pettals & shroudes ther's perfumes to all over the world to bestow new identification of the dawn, my heart's desire for this easter is enveloping ur presence in the kernal of my being i rember u spcialy in this time and pray for u .. I hope u to do the same. Time has past our friendship has gone so apert.
Dear one remembers the misterious time we have spent together. All hope to be closer, as the nature adorns it self with awesome seasons constantly i too beutify my heart heart with ur gifted presence. One again 'I wish u very happy easter & pray for u for the choicest blessing of the lord till the end.
If u wish to contact me , plzz contact in thease number's -09543085837; 08765000117; & kl-08089465094...

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