Thursday, 14 April 2011

hi dear fools

as the lord loves everyone, i too love you boundlessly. move ahead with a lot of hope to acheive the world which is moving as fast as the brain. ergo you too in a loving and supple way be with others to encourage them to go ahead to receive the lord in the bottom of each one's hearts. please do pray for me and never forget me. lord loves you in a better way , you love the other.god is so mercyful consquently lord lifts up your prayer as your prayers are heard by the lord, which emerges from the kernal of your very being. god loves you my dear long life to preach the gospel.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011


hi frnds i reachd home ystdy afrtn.. things r gng well.. remember me in ur prayers
dis is my new kerala no:8089189611

Hai friends

Hai friends,
i reach my home safly.i miss u all people..please countinue in prayers.
and also accept the invitation from the blog and post your prayer request and sharings etc...
if anyone is difficult to findind the blog related things pls call me.i'll update the blog regularly.....
k............Jesus Loves You